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About Us

Things you need to know.

What is DiscordProfiles?

DiscordProfiles is a site that allows you to see information about Discord accounts. Such as: Identity, Email, Connections & Servers.

How does it work?

Logging into the site allows the api to get information about your discord account, but dont worry we dont hold any of your personal information.

What is a DiscordID?

A DiscordID is a unique identifier used to identify a Discord account, it can be used for a range of things within a server. ie. tagging, banning, kicking and adding roles to a user.

When Signing In

When signing in through discord. The site will give you access to the following:
• Seeing Your Discord name + Discriminator.
• Seeing Your UserID, if Your account is Verified.
• Seeing Your Locale, Flags & Mfa Level.

Giving Thanks To:

Jengas, For the template allowing Discord sign in.
Discord, For an immense product.